Brice Rhodes

Brice Rhodes is an American rapper turned assumed executioner. In May 2016, Brice Rhodes was blamed for shooting and killing Christopher Jones. According to police, Larry Ordway, and Maurice Gordon, were killed after some time. Moreover, Rhodes is also renowned for his explosive behavior in the court. Who is Brice Rhodes? Brice was born in […]

Nikko Jenkins

Who is Nikko Jenkins? Nikko Jenkins is an American crook solidly associated with the series of gorge killings of four individuals inside the space of around fourteen days in Omaha, Nebraska. He is known for his strange certifications of not being crazy in spite of his court deceives that had all the earmarks of being […]

Brian Peppers

Brian Peppers was known as a sex offender turned web sensation. He had the option to get the eyes of the media for his different look. Brian was an unexpected disabled individual and had an ugly outside, and it was his terrible inside that made individuals disdain him. Brian Peppers was additionally known for quite […]