Kathleen Cain

Kathleen Cain, the spouse of an American celebrity, is highly recognized. In addition, Cain joined Limelight after marrying American columnist, sports expert, and political commentator Will Cain. Early Life Kathleen Cain was born in the U.S. Her zodiac sign is still unknown because her real birthdate has not yet been made public. As a result, […]

Melissa Stark

Melissa Stark is a well-recognized sportscaster who has worked with several sports channels like ESPN, and ABC sports amongst many others. Who is Melissa Stark? Melissa Stark got born on November 11, 1973, in New York City. Melissa was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Walter Stark has a daughter named Melissa. Her dad works […]

Michelle Beisner-Buck

Michelle Beisner-Buck is popular in the world as a sportscaster who gets features in the show Monday Night Football. At the present, she is working at the sports channel ESPN. Who is Michelle Beisner-Buck? Michelle Beisner-Buck got born in the United States on October 15, 1976, in Denver. Warren Beisner is her dad’s name, and Mary […]

Cynthia Frelund

Cynthia Frelund is a data science analyst of sports who breaks down sports data. She is in the limelight for being an associate director for a famous sports channel like ESPN. Who is Cynthia Frelund? Cynthia got born on August 24, 1979. She got born in the United States of America, in the town of […]

Jac Collinsworth

Jac Collinsworth is a well-known American figure who is a TV and a radio personality and journalist by profession. Jac came into the media’s spotlight after talking with players on the week-by-week digital broadcast show, Showtime’s A Season. What’s more is that Jac is eminent as a Celebrity child of multiple times Sports Emmy Award […]

Elika Sadeghi

Elika Sadeghi is a well-known Amiercan sports broadcaster and a college football expert. She has also worked as a Disney Intern and ESPN Media. She is known as Newscaster 5 in The Darkest Minds, released in 2018. Early Life Elika was born in Palo Alto, California, USA, on January 20, 1985. Her full name is […]

Cassidy Hubbarth

Cassidy Hubbarth is an American television personality. She is an anchorwoman for the American multinational primary cable sports channel, ESPN. She used to host the channel’s ‘NBA Tonight.’ In addition to this, she also worked as a host for programs like SportsCenter and College Football Live. Please stick with us to know more about the […]