Michael Marin Rivera

Michael Marin Rivera is a notable reality TV show star and a remarkable artist. Rivera came into the limelight for his exhibition in famous TV shows like The Real, I Love Jenny and The Riveras. Furthermore, Michael is the child of Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin. How Old is Michael Marin Rivera? Michael Marin Rivera […]

Jenicka Lopez

Who is Jenicka Lopez? Jenicka Lopez is a well-known character who came into the spotlight as a reality television star in the reality television show I Love Jenni and the side project of the series The Riveras. She is known as the daughter of renowned singer, entertainer, and musician Jenni Rivera. How old is Jenicka […]

José Trinidad Marín

Who is José Trinidad Marín? Jose Trinidad Marin is notable as the celebrity ex-spouse. He came into the spotlight after he attached a bunch with Jenni Rivera. Jose is otherwise called Trino Marin. Jenni was brought into the world with the original name Dolores Saavedra. Jenni Rivera is a prestigious late American artist, musician, entertainer, […]