Mike Myers

Michael John Myers (also known as Mike Myers) is an actor, producer, director, comedian, and screenwriter. He is well known for the film series “Austin Powers” and known as the performer in “Saturday Night Live,” which ran from 1989 till 1995. He is a semi-retired actor playing some supporting roles in “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Terminal.” […]

Swoosie Kurtz

Who is Swoosie Kurtz? Swoosie Kurtz is a well known American actress who has been seen working actively on her career since the year of 1962. Personal Life Swoosie Kurtz was born on 6 September 1944 in Omaha, Nebraska, the U.S. as a daughter of father, Frank Allen Kurtz Jr., and mother, Margaret “Margo”. Her […]

Tuppence Middleton

About Tuppence Middleton Tuppence Middleton is a renowned English actress who has been seen working actively in the acting field since 2008.   Personal Life and Relationship Tuppence Middleton was born on 21 February 1987 in Bristol, England as a daughter of their father, Nigel Middleton, and Tina Middleton. She was the middle one among […]

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein is an American actress and playwright, famous for her role as Dr. Lisa Cuddy in the medical drama ‘House.’ Early Life and Bio Lisa Edelstein was born on May 21, 1966. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, Unites States, as the junior of three kids in a Jewish house. Her father, Alvin Edelstein, […]

Cameron Diaz

In her 26 years in the industry, Cameron Diaz, a former American actress/producer/model was able to achieve it all. Great success, fame, money, and a lot. Never once in her career, she fell from grace, nor did she ever lose her status as a top-tier actress. She managed to go down as a legend in […]

Mel Gibson

Who is Mel Gibson?   Mel Gibson has done travelling for a lot of reasons. Some do it willingly, unwilling, or forcefully or due to compilation. But it’s all about destiny. People either gain or lose during the course of travelling whether it’s permanent or temporary. A new moment, days or life is waiting in […]