Social media platforms are filled with celebrity news. If you are a fan of keeping up with what is happening in Hollywood, there are several websites that you can visit to catch up on the latest gossip about celebrities quickly and accurately. Some websites break the latest celebrity gossip and news better than others, and we have listed them all.

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people magazine

  1. People Magazine

There is no doubt that People Magazine is one of the top offline publications for news about entertainment and celebrity gossip. The website is a virtual version of the magazine, which features the latest headlines in Hollywood and beyond, which means there is always something new to learn about. Moreover, the magazine is also popular for its awards like Most Beautiful People, The Best Dressed, as well as The Sexiest Man Alive lists. There are some really enjoyable online quizzes, too. People magazine follows a more sophisticated kind of Hollywood journalism.


  1. ET Online

Entertainment Tonight is another popular entertainment show with a tabloid-style online presence. It is pretty safe to say that the moment celeb news is verified, it will be one of its sites where you will learn about it. The site has plenty of quality content, as well as interviews, and behind-the-scenes shots.

It also lets you stream the most recent episodes of Entertainment Tonight. There’s a section dedicated to celebrity fashion, which you may not see on other websites that offer this type of content. Then you can visit the Awards section of the website to keep up with the biggest moments you missed on television.

  1. TMZ

TMZ has become one of the top well-known websites that cover all Hollywood things. It focuses on providing only the most relevant insider information, and its journalists tend to be among the first to receive any breaking news.

The site lets you establish a user account and personalize your experience. It also has special sections for pictures and videos. Its fast-moving and aggressive writers have often been the first to break the news of newsworthy events. It was the first source for the news of Michael Jackson’s demise, Mel Gibson‘s drunk driving incident, as well as Rihanna’s domestic abuse photos from the police. The speed at which news about celebrities is reported is credited with transforming the way they are reported; hence, it is an extremely popular gossip website.

  1. E! Online

One of the largest sources of exclusive videos of celebrities, E! Online is a never-ending stream of video and photo clips of its parent corporation. Yes, E!’s coverage covers the entire world of music, entertainment media, and more. In addition, the Kardashian page on the site offers up-to-date news, pictures, and videos related to the family, as well as mutterings about it. Beyond the Kardashians, those seeking photos and videos from Hollywood events, celebrity parties, movies, premieres, and awards shows will discover many things to keep them entertained on E! Online.

  1. Perez Hilton

There is nothing better than listening to gossip about celebrities from within the glamour circle. Perez Hilton began as a simple gossip writer. However, he progressed into a star as a person in his own right and gained access to the elite circle. Hilton’s blunt, caustic style hasn’t changed even as his star has grown, and he’s a favorite among his numerous followers. He exposes the truth through leaked conversations and interactions; Perez Hilton is one of the most well-known sources of information on Hollywood news.

  1. Pop Sugar

Pop Sugar is another website for people who are not satisfied with regular photos of celebrities doing or getting into trouble with their thing. The tone is more news and not snark. The subjects range from serious to petty and delicious. It is possible to read up on financial tips as well as celebrity gossip, makeup advice, and fashion trends with just a few clicks. That is why PopSugar is an excellent site to stay updated and entertained at the same time.

  1. Daily Mail

It is one of the more entertaining celebrity gossip sites. Daily Mail is the UK’s largest newspaper full of gossip about celebrities. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are from Britain or spend a lot of time there. It’s not surprising that this platform also tends to keep its readers up to date with what our beloved celebrities are doing in Great Britain. Daily Mail Online has more of a snarky way to deliver their news. They are unapologetic about sharing all they can learn about our celebrities in England.


Hollywood gossip is a guilty pleasure of many. Whether it is a ‘beef’ between two film stars or a behind-the-scenes report, you can get all the information about your favorite celebs from the above-mentioned websites.