Brandon Winn or Aceu is the name of one of the most popular Twitch streamers today. He is a well-known figure in the world of online gaming and is also a talented Counter-Strike: GO and Apex Legends player.

With over 1.9 million followers and over 52 million views on his streams, people are well aware of the professional side of his life. However, fans want to know more about the personal side of his life including his love life and girlfriend. So, please stick with us to know more about his dating history and girlfriend.

Aceu's Girlfriend
Aceu and 39Daph.
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Aceu and 39Daph

Aceu loves streaming his gameplay videos for his fans. He enjoys live streaming but he feels better when it is done with a friend. He has done a lot of live streams with a Canadian Twitch streamer and her username is 39Daph.

When the two streamers streamed together, fans showed an interest in knowing what was going on between them more than their stream. This created a rumor among the fans and they thought that something was going on between the two of them.

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Moreover, the fans love seeing them together and one of their regular viewers also stated that they would make a great couple. The fan also stated that it would look cute together and also benefit them professionally.

Aceu added fuel to the rumors once again when he referred to 39Daph as “missus.” He said in one of his streams, “The missus is sleeping.” This took the fans by surprise and even his fellow gamers. However, he has not confirmed the rumors to date, and nor has she. Because of this reason, we are unable to determine if he is dating her or not.

Aceu's Girlfriend
Aceu and Allison.
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Aceu and Allison

Aceu prefers to keep his personal life away from the media’s attention but there were days when he used to talk about Allison, his then-girlfriend. The two of them also exchanged cute comments with each other on social media platforms. He called her his “best girlfriend ever” while she called him her “best boyfriend ever.”

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However, as of now, they have not talked much about their relationship and there are no pictures of the two of them together. Because of this reason, we are unable to confirm if the two of them separated or are still together.

It is possible that they are living a low-key life away from the media’s attention. It is also equally possible that they separated and went their own ways. Unfortunately, there are not many pieces of evidence to support either of these claims.

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