Weste Erickson was a famous and lovable actor well-known in the horror documentary television series Terror in the Woods. 

Unfortunately, he passed away in the year 2017 and left everyone broken-hearted. Please stick with us to know more about the late actor and the cause behind his demise.

Weste Erickson Cause of Death

Weste Erickson left this world on 23 January 2017. He was living his life as an IT specialist for Tahoma Middle School. He was a cheerful and kind-hearted person, and everyone loved him. The students, the school staff, and everyone who knew him loved him.

Weste Erickson
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Unfortunately, Weste left his cheerful personality and kind nature behind and passed away when he was only 34 years of age.

Born and raised in Sekiu, Washinton, he lived with his parents, and their names are Karen Erickson and Ron Erickson. They run the Pysht Pottery business together.

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Not only did he have his loving parents, but Weste Erickson also had three siblings. Their names are Lincoln Erickson, Thomas Erickson, and Emma Erickson.

He was also a friendly person, and he had a lot of friends in his hometown. His friends and family members remember him as an inquisitive man.

Weste Erickson
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While there is a lot of information about the way he lived, there is very little information available when it comes to talking about the cause of his death.

The only information available regarding his demise is that he took his last breath in his Auburn-based residence. Unfortunately, no one has mentioned the exact cause of his death. He is currently resting in peace at Maple Valley.

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