‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ is an American sitcom. The series began airing on 13 September 1996 and continued for nine seasons till 16 May 2005. The series featured an Italian-American person, Raymond Barone, and his family living together on Long Island. Ray Romano portrays the role in the show. He is a sarcastic person who likes to joke about almost everything. He also likes to avoid his responsibilities as a father and leaves his kids to his wife, Debra Barone, portrayed by Patricia Heaton.

They have three kids together, and their names are Ally Barone, Geoffrey Barone, and Michael Barone. Three real-life siblings appeared in the roles of the three children in the show. Madylin Sweeten appeared as Ally Barone. Likewise, her brothers Sawyer Sweeten and Sullivan Sweeten played the roles of Geoffrey and Michael Barone, respectively.

Unfortunately, a tragic incident took place with Sawyer Sweeten that took over the media. Please stick with us to know more about what happened with the child actor who played the role of Geoffrey Barone.

Sawyer Sweeten Everybody Loves Raymond
Sawyer and his siblings.
Image Source: seventeen.com

What Happened to Sawyer Sweeten?

Born and raised in Brownwood, Texas, the United States of America, Sawyer Sweeten was famous as a child actor. He was only a year old when he began appearing in the sitcom ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’ He appeared for a total of 142 episodes till the year 2005. Apart from this, he has also appeared for an episode of the comedy series, ‘Even Stevens’ in 2000 and as young Frank in the 2002 comedy movie, ‘Frank McKlusky, C.I.’

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On 23 April 2015, a very tragic incident took place, which ended the life of the young talent. He passed away due to a gunshot wound that he inflicted on himself. This event occurred three weeks before his 20th birthday when he was visiting his family in Texas. The news of his passing away shocked his family members, his fans, and all of the media.

Sawyer Sweeten Everybody Loves Raymond
Image Source: people.com

According to a report by People, Sawyer’s mother still experiences a lot of panic attacks and insomnia. She also stated that she will never experience pure joy ever again. A lot of people paid their tributes to the sad demise of the young actor. His sister Madylin’s social media flooded with people paying tribute to her loss.


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