Nyanners is a virtual YouTuber as well as a Twitch streamer. She loves doing rap music covers on her channel, and her gentle voice has won the hearts of many. In addition to this, she is also a fantastic singer and a voice actress. She keeps her identity hidden from the media through a 3D anime model. Please stick with us to know some facts about the virtual YouTuber.

Nyanners’ Basic Info

Nyanners’ actual name is Natasha Kotova Nyanners III. She was born on 14 June somewhere in the United States of America. Unfortunately, she has not revealed her exact year, making it hard to determine her age. However, we do know that she has the zodiac sign of Gemini.

According to online sources, she has not yet completed her high school education and is pursuing her education at the moment. Besides this, there is a lack of reliable information concerning her early life. This includes the identity details of her parents and the whereabouts of her siblings.

Besides this, Natasha is an American by nationality since she was born in the United States. However, she has not confirmed her ethnicity. Talking about her religion, she is a Christian, and she practices Christianity as her religion. She is interested in vlogging and streaming herself on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

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She Has Over 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Natasha began her journey on YouTube (Nyanners) on 7 April 2011. She has since been able to garner over 143 million views on her content, and she has over 1.37 million subscribers on her channel.

She loves watching anime, and her first-ever video on YouTube is STAPLER SAN. It is a short video where she shares a clip from a manga. Since then, she has been actively uploading videos on YouTube. She also loves playing games, mainly scary ones. She has played games like Outlast and Resident Evil and shared her live reaction to jumpscares and scary scenes with her fans.

In addition to this, she also loves making funny content. She loves sarcasm, and she uses it a lot in her videos. She makes even the scariest jumpscares look funny through her reactions. Apart from gaming, she also loves sharing her music on her channel. These include her own songs as well as cover songs.

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Nyanners Has Over 600 Thousand Followers on Twitch

Natasha is also an active Twitch streamer. She regularly posts videos on YouTube, but she has also created a Twitch channel where fans can join and view her gameplays and videos live. She has played and uploaded gameplays from various games like Minecraft and Elden Ring on her channel. Her videos are quite popular as they get hundreds of thousands of views on each stream.

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Her Face Reveal

While Natasha streams through a 3D version of a pink-haired anime girl, she has also revealed her true identity to her fans. She is a gorgeous lady with black hair color and dark brown eyes color. In addition, she has a light skin complexion with a slim and well-maintained body figure.

She looks like she is in her teenage years, but this remains unconfirmed as her exact birth year is still a mystery. Apart from this, she stands at the height of around 5 feet and 7 inches (1.70m/170cm) tall, and she weighs around 58kg (127lbs).

She is a Founding Member of VShojo

VShojo is a company that aims at promoting and develop the future of virtual streamers. Natasha is a founding member of the company alongside other virtual streamers like Ironmouse and Silvervale.

The company is run by San Francisco-based streamers and has also managed to earn a lot of reputation for themselves. Furthermore, the community currently has over 78 thousand subscribers on its YouTube channel.

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Nyanners Official Merch

Natasha has garnered a lot of followers and fans through her virtual streams. She has also launched her own official merchandise for her fans, who love watching her streams. Her fans can purchase her merch through the VShojo store, which includes exclusive Nyanners products like socks, yearbooks, playmats, and more.

In addition to this, she is also available on Patreon, where interested fans can get access to all of her exclusive content through paid subscriptions. Through all of these sources, she has managed to earn around $600,000 as of 2021.

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