Peter Buchignani is an American businessman. He began working as a sales analyst for the Barclays Capital Company. Moreover, he also worked in the security department of Deutsche Bank. He was also an active basketball player during his college days. He also played in the University Championships. As of now, he is currently working at Amherst Pierpoint Securities, located in Chicago.

In addition to this, Peter is well-known in the entertainment industry as the handsome and dashing husband of the American anchorwoman, Carley Shimkus. The two of them began their journey as friends during their college years back in the year 2005 and have been together ever since. Please stick with us to know more about Peter’s love life and his personal life.

Peter Buchignani
Peter and Carley’s Wedding.
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Peter Buchignani and Carley Shimkus

Peter met his wife Carley Shimkus for the first time during their college years. She was a “hippie” back in her high schooling days, and she mentioned this in an interview with the Fox News Channel. They were in the batch of 2005 and studied together at the Quinnipiac University.

Though they were of the same batch, they did not romantically link with each other till the year 2013. They began dating, and after dating for around two years, they decided to tie their knots in the year 2015. An interesting event took place during their wedding. Both of them were huge fans of the Michigan Football Club. They supported the club so much that they even played the club’s fight song as their wedding’s exit song.

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Do They Have Kids?

Peter and Carley have been living a happy life together as husband and wife. Unfortunately, they have not yet shared any information on whether they have any children or not. There has also not been any sort of gossips or rumors on the internet regarding this topic. Because of this reason, we are unable to determine if the couple has children or not. However, judging by their activity on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, we can say that they are currently enjoying their life. They mostly post about their daily updates or photos from their trips, but there is no sign of a baby. With this information, we can say that they do not have a baby yet.


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