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Writing is one of the prominent tools that has been flourishing every day. The writing style differs from person to person. It’s because the perception of any incident or event is grasped in a different matter. And the way of presenting the same feelings differs from person to person. A powerful writer needs to be a voracious reader. When a person reads, various on the same materials it creates various images in the mind.

The mixing of various events leads the reader to a conclusion about certain events. This helps the reader to form a strong perception. And after the good research on a particular subject matter and proper evidence, worthy writing is born. The more the research, the more strong will be the writing.

Quick Info 
Full NameAllan Stewart Konigsberg
Date of BirthNovember 30, 1935
Birth PlaceThe Bronx, New York City, U.S.
Parent(s)Nettie Konigsberg and Martin Konigsberg
OccupationDirector, Writer, Actor, Comedian
Spouse(s)Harlene Susan Rosen
​​(m. 1956; div. 1962)​
Louise Lasser
​​(m. 1966; div. 1970)​
Soon-Yi Previn ​(m. 1997)
Net WorthUS $140 Million

Moreover, writers take a lot of inspiration from every article they read in order to write an article. Similarly, Woody Allen is one of the successful writers creating witty scripts for many purposes. He has an abstract way of portraying comedy. Woody is better known for movies like “Hannah and her sisters”, ” Annie Hall”, “Midnight in Paris”, “Deconstructing Harry” and “Manhattan.” People know him not only as a comedian but also as a writer, director, jazz musician, playwright, and even an actor. He has been successful with all the stuff but he had a challenging way towards success.


Early Life

Nettie Konigsberg gave birth to Woody in The Bronx, New York City on December 1, 1935. His father’s name is Martin Konigsberg. Woody was the first child of the couple. He became a brother in 1943 after his sister Letty was born.

The childhood of Woody was not worthy to remember. He had very much of in happy moments due to the unhappy marital status of his parents. Woody had to face the anger of his mother a lot. The harsh behavior of his mother had disturbed him a lot. 

Woody Allen

Likewise, Woody Allen was also a victim of discrimination in small age. Children from different creed and race had badly treated him. This made him change his name to Heywood Allen to protect himself from the harsh treatments. 



Woody Allen changed various schools at a small age. He joined various institutions before finally getting enrolled in Midwood High School. Woody was not an academically focused student from a small age. He was more into the extra-curriculum activities.


Moreover after the completion of his high school, Woody joined New York University to study communication and film. When Woody was part of City College, in New York, he failed. Then, he started doing self-study.



Woody Allen was writing gags from the very beginning of his age. This helps him shape his career during high school days. He was very natural with humor and monologues. As a result, he became a humorist for full time. 


His career started taking a pace towards success after his assistance to Caesar for writing scripts in 1954.  He started helping in the scripts of The Tonight Show, The Ed Sullivan Show, and many more. This really helped Woody to make his writing strong.


However, Woody Allen was the king of his emotions. He used to move with the way his emotions move. Boredom was the vital factor to compile him to change his jobs. And he kept changing his jobs time and again. Then, this leads him to Diplex, a Greenwich Village club to do a stand-up comedy. There he did his debut as a stand-up comedian in 1961. 


Every comedian writes monologues. Woody was also one of them. But his shortest lines, amazing timing, and intense wittiness surprised his monologues. This made him create a unique identity the stage. His comedy was swayful and his postures as an anxious, worrywart and abstract personality were the plus point. This helped him to get offers from the televisions and night clubs.


Then, Woody Allen started his journey of a playwright and started writing short stories. The humor of S.J. Perelman had influenced Woody a lot to early comic fiction. Allen did his debut at the Broadway from “Don’t Drink The Water.” He became the art of a number of his plays as an actor. “The Floating Light Bulb” and “Play it Again, Sam” were some of the plays. 


Likewise, he got the biggest opportunity of his life. He did his debut of the screenplay for the movie “What’s New, Pussycat?” But there were numerous changes in his script. It made him feel bad. Then he decided to it write a script if he becomes a director.

Woody Allen

Then, he did his directorial debut from the movie “What’s up Tiger, Lily?” in 1966. This increased his confidence and opportunities. He established a new trend for modern romantic comedy from his movie “Annie Hall” in 1977. It won four Academy Awards. Then, his other movie “Manhattan” in 1979 supported his success. 


With time, Woody Allen started doing experiments with his writing and he started giving a philosophical touch underneath the lines. “The Purple Rose of Cario” and “Stardust memories” from the 1980s were some of the worth mentioning pieces. He touched the Darker satiric tones with his movies “Celebrity” and “Deconstructing Harry.” 


After his collaboration with Dreamworks in 2000, he returned back to his old way of writing. The decade brought him the same amount of hits and flops. He also directed the theatre “Gianni Schicchi” in 2015 and 2019 and the movies “Wonder Wheel” in 2017 and “A Rainy Day In New York” in 2019.


Relationship/Personal Life

Woody Allen had married thrice in his life. His first marriage was with Harlene Rose from 1954-1959, with Louise Lasser from 1966-69 and Soon Yi Previn from 1997 to present. He also had various romantic relationships. Stacey Nelkin, Diane Keaton, and Mia Farrow were some of his relationships. Becker Dumaine in 1999 and Manzie Tio in 2000 are his two adopted daughters.

Woody Allen

Social Media

Woody Allen is not active in social media. There is no official account of Woody on the platforms. There is an Instagram account that goes with the name of “woody_allen_instagram”  which has 43.2 K followers but no official sign. 


Net Worth

Woody Allen has been part of the industry for more than 60 years. He has been part of movies and shows in various roles. According to the evaluation of his projects and celebritynetworth.net, he has an approximate net worth of $140 million.


Nutshell Bio

The full name of Woody is Allan Stewart Konigsberg. His current age is 84 years, nationality is American and ethnicity is Ashkenazi Jewish. He has an average height of 5  feet 5 inches with a complimentary weight of 50 kg.