Scottie Pippen‘s ex-fiancée, Yvette Deleone, was the connection of a well-known NBA player. In 2013, Yvette and Scottie’s romantic problems and scandals dominated the news. She became notable due to her connection and as the mom of famed lawbreaker Sierra Pippen.


Yvette Deleone is a woman who was born in the late 1970s. She is a citizen of the United States, born in the US. Her actual date of birth, unfortunately, is unknown at this time. Similarly, Yvette is an African-American who was born in the United States. However, when it comes to her age, she might be in her fifties.

Her actual date of birth, unfortunately, is unknown at this time. However, according to some internet sources, she finished her elementary studies at the local school and maybe a graduate. Still, besides that, there is no more information about her educational background in the public domain.

Yvette Deleone
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Body Stats

Yvette Deleone, the former fiancée of NBA star Scottie, is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 60 kg. As for her looks, she has long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Full NameYvette Deleone
Date of Birth1970s
Birth PlaceAmerica
Father's NameN/A
Mother's NameN/A
Body MeasurementN/A
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight60 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Relationship StatusN/A
Spouse(s)/Partner(s)Scottie Pippen (ex)
Net worthN/A

Her Engagement

Yvette Deleone and Scottie Pippen met at one of Pippen’s basketball events and later had a relationship. Scottie, on the other hand, has already had many marriage partnerships with a variety of women. In addition, Sierra Pippen was born in February 1995, after Yvette had been dating for a while. Regrettably, Scottie and Yvette split up barely three months after its beginning.

According to internet sources, the disputes between Yvette and Scottie began the night after the Chicago Bulls got eliminated from the NBA playoffs by another Orlando Magic squad. Scottie was also charged with grasping and shoving Yvette, which resulted in Scottie being jailed for three days. Even though she later withdrew her allegations against Scottie, she cannot repair her connection with him.

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For the time being, unfortunately, Yvette Deleone’s professional background is unknown. She has a very private life and does not discuss her issues in public. However, according to her Pinterest profile, she may be interested in fashion in 2021.

Her ex-fiancée, Mr. Scottie Pippen, on the other hand, has a lengthy background in athletics. He won six NBA titles throughout his career as a basketball player. As a basketball player, he played for the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, Torpan Pojat, and Sundsvall Dragons.

Yvette Deleone
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Net Worth

Nothing is known about Yvette Deleone’s profession. Therefore she can’t be estimated. However, Sierra’s future benefits, such as secondary school and college fees, insurance policies, and others, got granted $5,000 each month.

Scottie got sued by Yvette for sharing parental responsibilities with her daughter Sierra. According to the Associated Press, the settlement provides enough money to meet Sierra’s basic living needs.

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Social Media Presence

When it comes to Yvette Deleone’s presence on social media, she isn’t very involved. She does, nevertheless, have a Twitter account called @YvetteDeleon, which has 287 followers. But, unfortunately, she does not have any personal profiles on any social networking website other than Twitter.

Yvette Deleone
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