Zachary Andrew Knighton is an American actor. He is well-known for playing the role of Dave in the American television sitcom, ‘Happy Endings.’ He is also extremely popular for appearing as Doctor Bryce Varley in the series, ‘FlashForward’ in 2009. He was previously in a marital relationship with his ex-wife Hang Knighton but sadly separated. Please stick with us to know the details of their separation.


Zachary Knighton and Hang Knighton

Hang Knighton is an American celebrity spouse who rose to prominence only as Zachary Knighton’s ex-wife. She has not talked much about her relationship with Zachary as she likes to lay low and avoid the media’s attention. But she could not keep everything away from the media as we know that the two of them married in the year 2008. In addition to this, we are also aware of the fact that they dated for a long time prior to their marriage. Furthermore, they also welcomed a daughter on 21 September 2010 and her name is Tallulah Knighton.


Hang Knighton Daughter
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Reason for Divorce

Zachary and Hang were happily married to each other for over eight years. Unfortunately, the couple decided to end their marriage and separate from one another. Their divorce was finalized in the year 2015. While they did not let out any information about the cause of separation, online sources and the media believes that it was because of Zachary’s extramarital relationship with another woman.

Following their separation, Zachary Knighton publicly opened up his relationship with his woman and her name is Betsy. He went on to date her for over three years before finally tying their knots in 2018. It seems like their marriage took place in Honolulu, Hawaii as the couple posted a picture in their wedding dress with the location on Instagram. The couple also recently welcomed their first child and Betsy often calls him Bear. He expressed his excitement to be a dad for the second time in an interview with the American tabloids prior to welcoming their baby.


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